Turku based traditional orienteering club Turun Metsänkävijät is a part of a Scout Community by the same name.

Originating from the boyscouts hobby of orienteering, the Club has over the years grown to be a major force in Finnish male orienteering, for example the top achievement in both Jukola and Tiomila is second place.

Turun Metsänkävijät is an international club with runners
from seven different nationalities in the representative team. Nevertheless the clubs roots are deep in the Turku region and activity is tightly entwined with local scouts activities.

The Clubs base, know colloquially as kolo is right besides Puolala park in the hearth of Turku. Campgrounds are located at Kemiö and Yläne, surrounded by excellent terrain, about an hour away
from Turku by car.

The Club is middle-sized, with about 80 active members, offering
activities from the youngest scouts all the way to the world’s top-orienteers.